USE OF FORCE TRAINING: Brake Tactical Training Solutions offers Certified Use of Force Courses to enhance the training needs of law enforcement agencies, military units, armed security and private security companies and individual security guards.

Active Counter / Control Techniques
Arrest and Handcuffing
Expandable Baton
Aerosol Sprays
Conducted Energy Weapons

Other specific subject matter courses are available in the areas of crisis management, dealing with emotionally disturbed persons and radical extremists. If your company, agency or service is seeking training to go above and beyond traditional minimum training standards, or you would like assistance planning or developing a particular training program, then please do hesitate to inquire. Consulting is also available for court purposes.

FIREARMS TRAINING: Brake Tactical Training Solutions provides firearms training for multiple weapon systems and various applications to all armed security professionals and sports shooting civilians

Patrol/Carbine Rifle
Precision/Sniper Rifle

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