General Purpose Rifle – Basic

Coming soon

Under development. Being specifically designed as a replacement for the multitude of Government banned rifles in 2020. BTTS can still provide a valuable learning experience for shooters who have any type of non-banned sporting rifle; semi-autos, bolts actions, pump actions, or even lever actions. Competitors, hunters and general target shooting enthusiasts will all benefit from the skills learned on this course.

  • Learn the principles of rifle marksmanship
  • Safe and efficient handling
  • Characteristics, components and operation
  • Understand your sight system
  • Establish a zero, choice of 50 or 100 meters
  • Positional shooting, standing, kneeling, sitting and prone
  • Shooting at distance. 200 to 600 meters, depending upon the capabilities of your rifle, sight and ammunition.

Stay tuned…

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