Rifle Optic Workshop

This 1-day workshop is designed to provide rifle shooters specific knowledge and skills of the critical interaction between their rifle and it’s scope. This workshop will benefit shooters participating in recreational target shooting, hunting, or the various precision shooting disciplines.

Participants will learn how to effectively and efficiently utilized all of the functions on their chosen scope.

During the workshop, shooter will experience and be provided opportunities to conduct the following procedures:

  • Fitting the rifle to the shooter
  • Mounting the scope to the rifle
  • Adjusting the scope to fit the shooter
  • Zeroing the rifle and optic system
  • Making elevation and windage corrections
  • Scope testing

Cost: $150

To inquire about workshop availability, or to have your name added to the BTTS Marksmanship Training Group, please email mbrake308@gmail.com

Equipment Required

  • Any rifle, scope and ammunition combination, manufactured and designed to acquire targets or game animals, with a practical level of accuracy, relative to the discipline
  • Shooters will be required to shoot their rifles from a rifle rested position. This position may be from (a) a seated position shooting off of a bench, or (b) from a prone position shooting while laying on the ground
  • Therefore, participants will be required to bring a shooting rest system, that will effectively stabilize both the forend of the rifle, as well as the butt-stock. Furthermore, those participants choosing to shoot from the prone position will also require a ground matt
  • Ear and eye protection. Electronic ear defender are strongly recommended
  • A breech flag or chamber clear indicator
  • 60 rounds of quality ammunition
  • Lunch will not be provided. Be prepared to attend with whatever food and hydration you deem necessary
  • For outdoor ranges; shooters must also be prepared to dress according to the weather conditions. There is no such things as bad weather, only bad clothing. Also consider the need for sunscreen and insect repellent

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