Precision Rifle Positional Shooting Workshop

This workshop is designed to provide specific training opportunities for shooters to develop long range shooting skills while utilizing non-traditional, unorthodox, firing positions.

Cost: $150


  • This workshop has not been scheduled for 2022

To Register, or to have your name added to the BTTS Marksmanship Training Group, please email –

Equipment Required

  • Any rifle, scope and ammunition combination, manufactured and designed to acquire targets with precision out to potentially 1000 meters
  • Shooters will be required to adopt non-traditional, unorthodox firing positions, and therefor should be physically healthy to participate
  • Shooters are encouraged to train as they would to compete. Meaning, shooters should consider utilizing whatever shooting support equipment they deem necessary, but relevant and practical
  • Breech flag or chamber clear indicator
  • Any other shooting support equipment such as; spotting scope or wind reading devices, is optional to the shooter
  • Ammunition – 200 rounds
  • Lunch will not be provided. Be prepared to attend with whatever food and hydration you deem necessary
  • Shooters must also be prepared to dress according to the weather conditions. There is no such things as bad weather, only bad clothing

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