Precision Rifle Basic Skills

  • 2 Days
  • This is an introduction course to the skills required for precision rifle shooting
  • This course will focus on precision rifle characteristics and operation, general firearm safety, range safety protocols, fitting the rifle to the shooter, understanding the basics of optical sighting systems, introduce rifle marksmanship principles from the prone position, understand and develop how to group and zero the rifle
  • Participants will experience the ‘long-range’ capabilities of their chosen rifle system. And, depending on the specific range being utilized, participants may experience shooting and acquiring elevations out to long range distances
  • The rifle, optic and ammunition utilized must be capable of one minute of angle accuracy

Cost: $300


  • This course has not been scheduled yet for 2022

To Register, or to have your name added to the BTTS Marksmanship Training Group, please email –

Equipment Required

  • A bolt action or semi-auto rifle designed and manufactured for precision shooting and capable of 1 minute of angle performance, with sustained high volume shooting
  • A high-quality rifle scope that possesses 10 power magnification within it’s range of adjustment.  As well as having tall, visible, tactical or target type adjustment dials.  Optic must be installed levelled with the rifle and zero set for 100m/y.  Participants must attend knowing and understanding how to slip and reset their turret scales and zero stop feature if equipped
  • All the necessary supporting tools for both rifle and optic
  • A front-end support system, either a bi-pod, back or other type of solid rest
  • A rear support system, either a filled “bunny” bag, sock, or mechanical rest
  • 200 rounds; match, competition, or target grade ammunition is a must
  • At least 2 inert (dummy) safety training cartridges of the appropriate caliber
  • A shooting mat or ground sheet
  • Small note pad and pencil/pen
  • Lunch will not be provided.  Therefore participants must be prepared to attend with whatever food and hydration they deem necessary
  • Participants must also be prepared to dress for the elements (weather).  There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing
  • Also consider sunscreen and bug spray


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