Tactical Carbine – Advanced Skills Course

    • 2 Days
    • Pre-requisite; Participants attending this course must have received basic skills training for their chosen carbine, as well as being both competent and confident with it’s operation, handling and marksmanship!
    • The goals of this course are to maintain safe and efficient carbine handling skills and marksmanship while performing other actions such as, various loading situations, immediate actions, accuracy with speed, expedient positions/cover shooting, target transitioning and movement
    • There is potential on this course for the participants to experience shooting engagements out to 400 meters


July 20+21, 2019 – at the MilCun Training Center, near Minden Ontario.  Cost – $260 FULL

September 28+29, 2019 – at the MilCun Training Center, near Minden Ontario.  Cost – $260

To Register – Email Mike Brake mbrake308@gmail.com

Have your name added to the BTTS Marksmanship Training Group email list to receive bulletins about upcoming training opportunities – mbrake308@gmail.com

Equipment Required

  • Any tactical carbine; of a rifle or pistol caliber, manufactured and designed to be utilized in an operational environment.  Meaning; military field combat, urban law enforcement, specialized security services, or for 3-gun style competition shooting
  • Any style magazine and capacity approved under Canadian Firearm Regulations
  • Any sighting system suitable for the above mentioned deployment categories.  This course will provide engagements anywhere from 5 meters to 400 meters, depending on the range location being utilized
  • Any rifle sling manufactured and designed to secure and manage the rifle around the shooter’s upper torso during any movement or firing positions
  • Any style magazine carriers/pouches manufactured and designed to contain and secure the appropriate magazines, so that they can not fall out during physical activity.  These carriers/pouches need to be attached to either a load bearing vest, chest rig, duty belt or thigh platform
  • This course will require the shooter to have enough magazines to charge a total of 30 rounds of ammunition at any one time.  Therefore ensure that your combination of magazines and related carriers can accommodate this amount
  • A minimum of 700 rounds of applicable rifle ammunition. Absolutely no steel core ammunition
  • Lunch will not be provided.  Therefore participants must be prepared to attend with whatever food and hydration they deem necessary
  • Participants must also be prepared to dress for the elements on outdoor ranges (weather).  There is not such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing
  • A ground sheet or shooting mat is required
  • A support system for the front of the carbine is recommended for the zeroing stages such as, a bipod, block or bag
  • Also consider sunscreen and bug spray.  On either outdoor or indoor ranges – be prepared to get dirty

ALL INQUIRIES PLEASE CONTACT – Mike Brake mbrake308@gmail.com

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