Trainer Mike BrakeMike Brake, Sgt. (ret) is the Owner/Operator of Brake Tactical Training Solutions. A career combined with 30 years of military and law enforcement duties including the Department of National Defense Special Service Forces and an Emergency Task Force SWAT operator. He was a Certified Use of Force Instructor in the Province of Ontario from 1995 to 2019 with experience in developing, teaching and supervising Provincial use of force training, including less lethal options and defensive tactics.  Before his official retirement, Mike spent many years on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Tactical Officers Association, and was a firearms training specialist with the Operational Shooting Association. An accomplished and respected competitive shooter, he has represented Canada at the Can-Am Games, World Police Games, Ontario Tactical Advisory Board Competitions and other local tactical, IDPA and operational competitive events. Mike’s primary forte however, has been training officers and civilians in progressive firearm courses for pistol, shotgun, tactical rifle and precision/sniper rifle.  He is proud to be an Ambassador with Vortex Canada  Mike is very well known for his positive teaching style and highly recognized for his genuine passion for training, professional conduct and respectful disposition.

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