Armed Security Services – Use of Force and Firearms Training


Brake Tactical Training Solutions understands the tactical concepts and principles involved with preparing and responding to an armed encounter. Armed Guards must be familiar with their authorities and be competent and confident with their response options.

Mike Brake is a Certified Provincial Use of Force Instructor in Ontario. He has been providing use of force and firearms development, training and certifying since 1995 to law enforcement services throughout Canada, from recruit level to a tactical operator:

  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Ontario Provincial Police
  • Toronto Police Service
  • Waterloo Regional Police Service
  • Hamilton Police Service
  • Niagara Regional Police Service
  • Bruce Nuclear Security Service
  • Kingston Penitentiary Services

Mike has received numerous certifications as an operator and instructor for various duty pistols, patrol shotgun, patrol carbine rifle and sniper rifles.  As well as in Crisis Resolution, Conflict Management, Crowd Management, Hostage Negotiations, Defensive Tactics, Public Order, Less Lethal Weapons, Firearms, Criminal Investigations, Leadership and Teaching Effectiveness.

Brake Tactical Training Solution can provide a full range of firearm certification courses and use of force certification courses.  Each agency/service is unique in their own policies, procedures and applications, therefore courses are deigned and made available upon specific request.

Firearm Certification / Re-certification or Specialty Enhanced Training Courses:

  • Enhanced Fundamentals – 1 day
  • Problem Solving Skills – 1 day
  • Accuracy with Speed – 1 day
  • Dynamic Skills – Positional and Movement – 1 day
  • Authorization To Carry (C.F.O. approved) – 5 days
  • Instructor Certification – 5 days

Use of Force Qualification / Re-Certification Courses:

  • Federal and Provincial laws authorities
  • Use of force guidelines, concepts, applications and articulation
  • Officer Safety Principles
  • Arrest procedures
  • Handcuffing techniques
  • Empty hand techniques – active counter measures
  • Expandable baton (upon request)
  • Chemical / Pepper sprays (upon request)
  • Conducted energy weapon (upon request)
  • Scenario based training

Brake Tactical Training Solutions has a respectful working relationship with the following ranges to conduct firearms training. Target Sports Canada (Stouffville), Silverdale Gun Club (St. Catherines), MilCun Training Centre (Minden), Gagnon Shooting Centre (Oshawa)

These courses are operated upon agency request.  Please contact Mike Brake for further information about the training, costs or to schedule a course.

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