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Brake Tactical Training Solutions recognizes that the current Ministry Standards for training are not sufficient for the professional development and performance of today’s Security Guard. There is much more responsibility and risk management associated to the deployment of Security Guards at all levels of the industry.

PLEASE NOTE:  The courses outlined below are available only to Security Agencies / Companies / Departments upon request.  Not for individuals.

Mike Brake is a Certified Provincial Use of Force Instructor in Ontario. He has been providing use of force development, training and certifications since 1995 to law enforcement services throughout Canada and to private security agencies such as:

  • Welland SPCA
  • LaMaisson Simmons Inc.
  • Gemstar Security Services
  • Northwest Protection Services
  • City of Toronto Corporate Security
  • City of Mississauga Human Resource Department
  • Air Canada and Rogers Centre
  • Toronto Eaton Centre
  • Cadillac Fairview Inc.
  • Seneca and Humber College


  • Event and Nightclub Security
  • Corporate, Commercial and Residential Site Security
  • Loss Prevention Security
  • Close Protection Services
  • By-Law Officers
  • Provincial Peace Officers

LEVEL 1: Legislative Authorities and Applications Seminar
– 8 hour Academic Lecture
This course is completely academic. There is no “hands-on experience”.  It focuses on the importance for guards to have a confident knowledge-base of their lawful authorities to perform their duties, as well as their relative abilities to use force. BTTS highly recommends that all guards receive this training first.

LEVEL 2: Physical Control Tactics; Arrest and Handcuffing Certification Course
– This is a Certification Course; 2 x 8 hour days (valid for 1-year)
– A Re-Certification Course is available to those previously certified by BTTS; 1 x 8 hour day
This course begins with all Level 1 academic lessons. Students will then experience reasonable hands-on applications for defending themselves from assault and controlling various levels of assaultive subject behaviors.  They will learn to use appropriate judgment and reasonable force, in effort to either disengage or to control a subject, for the purposes of arrest and handcuffing.  BTTS will further ensure that the techniques and skills utilized are reflected within the Agency’s own Corporate Policies and Procedures.  Participants must have procedural authority from their employer/agency for the issue and use of handcuffs.  As well, participants must be physically healthy and free from any injuries or illness.

LEVEL 3: Intermediate Weapon Qualification Course; Expandable Baton and/or O.C. Spray Course
– This is a Qualification Course; 3 x 8 hour days (valid for 1-year)
– A Re-Qualification Course is available to those previously qualified by BTTS; 1 x 8 hour day
This course includes the relevant studies and applications from Levels 1 and 2.  Students will experience realistic and effective use of force applications utilizing baton and/or O.C. spray techniques to effectively de-escalate and control a subject’s violent behavior.  Participants must be physically healthy and free from any injury or illness.  Participants must also have procedural authority from their employer for the issue and use of an expandable baton and/or O.C. spray.

Other Related Courses:

  • Active Attacker Awareness
  • Employee Workplace Emergency Awareness
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Crisis Awareness and Resolution Skills
  • Mental Health Awareness

Course Costs: $400 per day.

Course Location
The above mentioned courses can be brought to your location if your company/agency can provide a suitable academic learning and physical training environment where necessary.  Otherwise, we can discuss rental space options available and suitable to your needs.

Want to Discuss, Develop or Schedule Training
BTTS is prepared to work with you and assist with coordinating any specific training requirements or to schedule dates for training to accommodate your needs. Feel free to contact Mike –

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